HY-TEK, Ltd. has been producing FIREARMS MANAGER since 1991. We have been a sponsor of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) since 1993 and provide training at the National IALEFI Conference each year. Our main office is located between Baltimore and Washington, DC and we maintain several BETA test locations around the world for testing new FMPro versions before they are released.

As a major part of the work for a Firearms Instructor is the generation of the certificates from Qualifications and Training, we felt an add-on feature was needed for FMPro to allow certificates to be uploaded to a website so Firearms Instructors using FMPro can simply upload their FMPro data to the website and let the students/trainees print their own certificates.

The concept was first tested with the Gloucester Police Department and the Massachusetts Police Training Commission. It worked so well that we have expanded the capabilities of this website to allow all users of FMPro to register/subscribe and use this time-saving feature.

This website, in combination with HY-TEK's FIREARMS MANAGER Pro software, will not only generate your certificates, but it will let all of your students/trainees print their own certificates on their own printer on their own time and using their own paper and ink. This is a tremendous savings of your time and your organizations resources since it also eliminates mailing costs to mail the certificates.

In addition, every time you are asked to print another copy of a certificate, this website will again save you that time, paper, ink and mailing costs.

A low-cost subscription supports this website. It is available on a monthly, annual or multi-year basis.